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Oso Train Works

Oso Train Works, a subsidiary of Oso Art Works Art Gallery, specializes in G-Scale "scratch-built" trackside scenery and custom made figures. All buildings are cut and assembled by hand. Because of this feature each building may be slightly different in wood grain color or in assembly. Buildings can be used both indoors or outdoors and are ready for painting or waterproof application. Both custom building and figure designs are available for ordering. Scale: 1/2" = 1 foot

Look for new figures and buildings as the site grows.

Please contact us through the Oso Art Works Art Gallery email at:

(Prices of buildings and figures do not include shipping/handling. Please include City and State in emailing for total price.) (Figures or accessories shown in building pictures are not included.)

Payment accepted by: cash, cashier's check or personal check.
(No credit cards please)

(from left to right)

Trackside Shack

4.75" wide X 6" tall X 4" deep
Order # 20041


Trackside Shanty

5.25" wide X 5.75" tall X 4.75" deep
Order # 20042 (name tag not included on building)


(from top to bottom)

General Store Barbershop Combination

13.5" wide X 7" tall X 10.5" deep
Order# 20043 (graphics included on building)


Custom made G-Scale train figures.

For your hard to find figures place a custom order.

(custom hand made figures may vary slightly from one another. Samples of work shown here)

$35 each

Western Saloon

6" wide X 13" tall X 10.25" deep
Order# 20044 (graphics included on building)


O-so Train Works is a subsidiary of Oso Art Works Art Gallery

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